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People hire TUG to test their products and services with real users, and to help frame their understanding of complex domains.


TUG designs custom training, innovation workshops, and other kinds of meetings to help organizations work and decide together with grace (and peace).



TUG analysts measure and report on the “forces” in our clients’ technology environments using tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst.

UX Strategy + Design

From website navigation systems to intranet organization schemes, TUG solves information problems at every level of the so-called “stack” - including UI.

We felt listened to and empowered. Working with TUG was key to the success of our mission.
— Kevin Charles, Director of Web Strategy & Development for ASAPS

Information architecture and accessibility assessments

Need to get started immediately? A structural design evaluation and recommendations for improvement can be yours in just a week or two (in most cases).

IA Assessment

IA Assessment is a terrific way to begin understanding the gaps between what an organization seeks to accomplish, and the way its information is structured and understood.

TUG information architects will conduct an evaluation of your product or service that includes development of a visual explanation or conceptual model of systems and structure, and a 1-hour remote presentation of findings and recommendations.

Prior to the evaluation, a half-hour telephone conversation or online chat is required in order to equip the TUG team with a sense of the purpose and objectives the as-is structures are meant to support.

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Accessibility Assessment

Good structure is accessible structure. Full stop.

In light of the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling in late 2018 in Robles v. Dominos Pizza, it is no longer tenable for companies in the United States who operate websites and publish mobile apps to fail in meeting objective standards of accessibility for end users affected by disability.

TUG partners with a UK-based consultancy called Nomensa to conduct this assessment, which helps organizations identify accessibility problems pro-actively.

Analysts can turn around the Accessibility Assessment within a week or two, and provide standards-compliance scoring and remediation recommendations in a 1-hour remote meeting.

Tell us when it works best for your schedule, and we’ll get talking with you about IA and Accessibility assessments at your convenience.