Understanding Information Architecture - Full Day Workshop In Ann Arbor


Understanding Information Architecture - Full Day Workshop In Ann Arbor

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January 21 from 9am - 4pm in Ann Arbor

$800 Professional
$200 Student (with ID)

Information architecture isn’t just for people who have “information architect” in their job title, and it’s not just doing the navigation. Rather, it’s an important dimension of any complex product or service—from before the project begins until well after it ends.

Covering basic to advanced concepts and practices, this full-day workshop provides a survey of what information architecture is, what it is becoming, and the role it plays in product management and experience design.

Taught by Dan Klyn and Joe Elmendorf

Note: lunch catered in by the world-famous, Ann Arbor based Zingerman’s Deli

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What’s the day like?

In the morning session, participants use hands-on modeling to interpret and apply the teachings from three short lectures:

1) Ontology: what things mean, fundamentally.

In this section, teams will ask and answer the embarrassingly-basic question “on what basis is any thing a thing?" using object-oriented analysis and modeling tools to render diagrams that make it clear, what we mean, when we say what we say.

2) Topology: how meaning changes, as a function of situatedness.

After being led through quotidian examples of the sometimes-subtle relationships between where things are located and what they mean, a 2nd type of analytical model is introduced for participants to try out in the context of the same problem/solution world they explored using object models in the 1st section.

3) Choreography: what people do, as a function of what they understand from the places they experience.

In the third and final section of the morning session, participants role-play their way through to the solution of an information architecture problem that will test the mettle of the models from sections 1 and 2, and require new kinds of analysis and synthesis. The group with the most compelling rebuild / refactor / redesign get extra brownies at the break.

After breaking for lunch, we’ll reconvene for a session where participants are introduced to TUG’s stakeholder alignment methodology: In/Tension Modeling. The object of the afternoon session is for each participant to be equipped with the props and facilitation processes to conduct the requisite stakeholder interviews and workshops themselves upon return to “the real world.” The content is largely identical to TUG’s half-day Aligning Stakeholders workshop, and our rationale for teaching this content twice in one week is simple: the best information architecture work is under-girded with clear strategic direction from stakeholders. In fact, good IA work is impossible to do without stakeholder alignment on key matters that have to do with defining “what good means.”

Who this workshop is meant for?

We’ve offered a version of this workshop all over North America, and in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. It’s meant for anybody who wants to put the structure of information to work, and to make the complex clear. It covers both theory and practice, is “hands on,” and alternates between short lectures and participants working on exercises with each other and the instructor.

Ways to pay for this workshop

You can use the “Register Now” button on this page to sign yourself up for the workshop using a credit card or Apple Pay, or just call us to set up an invoice some other way: 734-210-1660

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