RSW: Better Is No Longer Good

Just now I ran across a great quote from Mr. Wurman in chapter 33 of the book Digerati by John Brockman (1996):

"In the past, it was possible to get along by doing a much better version of what you were doing previously. In the future, you're going to die on the vine if you do only a better version of what you're already doing. It will be increasingly important to explore alternatives, parallel ways of buying and selling ideas, services, products, et cetera, in brief transactions."

At the end of the chapter on Wurman, Brockman includes quotes about RSW from the other folks featured in the book. Here's a chestnut:

(Sherry Turkle): Richard Wurman shows you how to look at things a little differently, and then, after trying it his way, you usually can't imagine how you did things any other way. Richard's design sensibility has changed the way I hold meetings, plan my travel, and light my office.

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