Making the complex clear

People hire The Understanding Group when they need to find a better way to organize + manage complex information.


TUG clients make better decisions, and incur less risk, because they invest in understanding:

Understanding precedes action

TUG’s information architects do planning, research, and development work on projects of any size, with organizations of any kind.

Proven Methods You Can Learn Too

In October, don’t miss the a half-day version of Modeling For Clarity in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the MidwestUX Conference. In November, TUGgers Bob Royce and Daniel O’Neil give a new talk at Taxonomy Bootcamp called Using Object Models To Supercharge Taxonomy Design.

The full calendar of conferences and events we’re following is updated every week

TUG helped us ensure that our thousands of pages of information is presented in a logical and intuitive layout that allows users to quickly find the information they need.
— Ronald Burg, Executive Vice President of the American Concrete Institute