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Is what you offer findable, accessible, clear, communicative, useful, credible, controllable, valuable, learnable and delightful?

Heuristics provide a shared language of critique and measurable principles that help you prepare to succeed with users, both in research and out in the wild.

This poster references five important historical sources of information architecture and usability heuristics to provide a list of ten core heuristic principles. Each principle is paired with a checklist of thought-starter questions designed to facilitate better critiques.

The poster is 36 x 24 inches and has been laminated so it can be written on with any dry erase marker

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Information architecture is a way of seeing clarity where there is none. I think if I can teach more people to do that be more comfortable both with ambiguity and the resolution of that ambiguity, I feel like the world would be a better place. It’s what makes me happy!
— Abby Covert