Stakeholders Understand Trade-offs

Design is the rendering of intent
— Jarred Spool

At the beginning of every project, TUG helps stakeholders clarify their intent by building a model of the key trade-offs to be balanced in the project.

We work with each stakeholder individually, find patterns in and across their conversations, and then convene a half-day workshop to get people’s intentions for the project out of their heads, and into a shared model that everybody understands.

Project Teams Understand The Territory

Project teams rarely possess adequate maps of the “technology territory” they seek to build in.

The maps TUG develops help organizations see what they’ve always seen, and yet never seen. Not merely diagrams of the implementation of information systems: visual explanations that make what’s complex clear.

Projects Proceed With Confidence

TUG people are really down to Earth; they listen and they understand; they apply their knowledge in thoughtful and meaningful ways and it’s not intimidating and it’s not pretentious. I like that.
— eCommerce Channel Manager at Herman Miller

Significant structural change is terrifying.

TUG helps clients gain confidence in the changes they need to make by building simple models and prototypes, and then testing with real end-users. These “dumb” models help everybody on the team feel smart, because understanding is power.

Making The Complex Clear

TUG delivers the outcomes described above for organizations of all kinds.

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