What’s the secret to TUG’s successful delivery of more than $10 million in information architecture projects over the last 9 years?

TUG’s process for framing and delivering information architecture projects is question-driven. Our approach is not unlike the step-wise progression people follow when they build or remodel buildings:

  • What you want? → strategy work, stakeholder alignment, roadmapping

  • What you've got today? → audits, system and process mapping

  • What do people do with your offering today? → ethnographic study, usage data analysis

  • How it should be "better"? → conceptual modeling, prototyping, user research

  • How will people respond to "better"? → user research, prototype testing

  • How should "better" be specified for construction? → pattern development, structural design drawings

  • How will what’s built be cared for and improved over time? → business process modeling, governance

Projects with TUG tend to be aimed at making structural change to complex products and services, and most of our client engagements unfold over 8 - 10 weeks of calendar time.

That being said, it’s not uncommon for TUG to be hired for short-term, more tightly-scoped research and prototyping engagements.

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