Information architecture is the practice of choosing how to arrange the parts of something so that it makes sense as a whole.
— Abby Covert

The Understanding Group (TUG) was founded as an information architecture consultancy.

Unlike “UX” or “digital design” agencies, our team does not make pixels, or write code. TUG’s singular focus is on the structure of information. We apply architectural systems thinking to the manifold problems that organizations face in organizing + managing complex information.

Just like each and every building on your street “has architecture,” and can be evaluated and improved using established principles of good design, the same holds true for digital products and services.

People hire TUG to provide expert evaluation of existing information structures, and to design better ones. All along the information architecture development path, we help our clients build confidence in what’s being recommended through a process that always includes mapping, modeling, and prototype testing.

The care TUG takes in developing information structures is commensurate with the appreciation we’ve developed for an axiom first voiced by Richard Saul Wurman, who said

The creative organization of information creates new information

Changing the structure of information changes what’s possible for people to understand. Set up a free consultation with TUG today to learn more about how TUG’s information architects use the structure of information to enhance the performance of digital products and services.

Alternately, we’d love to teach you and your teammates to work in terms of information architecture. The full-day workshop we offer in sessions out of our offices in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids can easily travel to your team’s location.