In these walking workshops, the participants are encouraged to lean into their lack of expertise, to go slow, and to test naive hypotheses about why the built environment occurs in the way that it does.

The Opposite Of A Design Sprint

Sometimes, fruitful analogies vis-a-vis digital can be drawn from careful observations of what’s going on in the built environment. There is no finer teacher for learning to see systems, understand cause and effect, and appreciate the interplay of form and function, than our man-made environment.

Upcoming Architecture Walks

  • Ottawa, October 31 - included in conference registration for CanUX

  • Zurich, February 21 - workshop prior to World Information Architecture Day

Previous Architecture Walks

Grand Rapids Cherry Hill Neighborhood
as part of the TUG summer workshop series in 2019

(with Andreas Resmini)

(with Andreas Resmini)

(with Andreas Resmini)


Interpretation Guides