Over the past 7 years, The Understanding Group (TUG) has perfected a process for aligning stakeholders that we call In/Tension Modeling.

Inspired by the urban planning work of Richard Saul Wurman in the 1970s, TUG’s In/Tension Modeling process helps the “deciders” in an organization make strategic and durable decisions together.

This process focuses on building agreement around “the what” by setting aside, for a time, “the how.”

With the benefit of this clarity around business strategy and intent, our client organizations succeed in aligning their aims; because they understand the trade-offs involved in prioritizing their aims.

We’ve come to trust this methodology after seeing it deliver consistently-actionable results with groups of deciders numbering from just a handful to nearly 50.

Set up a free consultation with TUG today to learn more about how In/Tension modeling helps organizations plan for and make durable decisions about what they want. The entire process can take as little as 3 or 4 weeks.

Alternately, we’d love to teach you these methods, and equip you to apply the In/Tension process yourself. The half-day workshop we offer in sessions out of our offices in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids can easily travel to your team’s location.